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Bankruptcy claims

Tavira has a dedicated team specialising in bankruptcy and liquidations claims. Bankruptcy claims are unique assets that require bespoke pricing, trade documentation and transfer / assignment processes. Our team will provide quick and concise feedback with respect to pricing, documentation and settlement process for bankruptcy claims.  

The Tavira team has a 10 year track record of trading claims and is involved in all of the major bankruptcies since the financial crisis like Lehman Brothers, Icelandic Banks, MF Global, Madoff, et al.

If you have a bankruptcy claim and would like to find out whether you could sell it, contact us at

We are specifically looking for claims in these liquidations.

Anglo Irish / IBRC

IBRC, the successor to Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Life & Permanent, was put into liquidation in February 2013. Unsecured creditors were invited to file claims by May 2015. If you have filed a claim against IBRC or hold any securities originally issued by Anglo Irish or Irish Life & Permanent, please contact us at

Lambay Capital Securities

Lambay is a special purpose vehicle that held preference shares in Anglo Irish Banks. It issued Tier 1 notes to investors which remained listed following the nationalisation of the bank. We are an active buyer of these securities (ISIN XS0220428154) and if you are a holder please contact us at

Maple Bank GmbH

Following a tax dispute with the German authorities, Maple Bank was taken over by the German banking regulator Bafin in February 2016. Law firm CMS was subsequently appointed administrator and the bank assets are now being liquidated. If you believe you have claim against Maple Bank GmbH, please contact us at

Maple Bank hat am 11. Februar 2016 am Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main Insolvenz angemeldet. Der erste Prüfungstermin wurde für den 30. Mai angesetzt. Sollten Sie eine Forderung gegen die Bank haben, bitte melden Sie sich bei uns unter

Maple Securities UK Ltd

A subsidiary of Maple Bank GmbH, Maple Securities UK was put in administration following the bankruptcy of its German mother. PwC were appointed administrators in February 2016. If you believe you have claim against Maple Securities UK, please contact us at

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